Which One Is Better: Franklin m150 or m210?

franklin m150 vs m210

The Franklin m210 has better detection depth, more sensors & LEDs, and wide precision LED display than the m150. It also provides a built-in Bubble Level and a convenient Pencil Caddy that you can’t find in m150.

That’s not the end of it. More factors will help you decide which one to buy: the m150 or the m210.

Key Takeaways

In this article you will know:

  • A quick comparison between the Franklin m150 and m210
  • In-depth discussion of Franklin m150 and m210
  • Pros and cons of Franklin m150 and m210

Franklin m150 vs m210: A Quick Comparison

Let’s dive into the basic differences between a Franklin m150 and m210 stud finder.

Determinant M150 M210
Dimension 7.5×7.5×2.15 7.88×2.5×9.25
Sensor Count 9 13
LED Count 15 21
Battery Type AAA (Replaceable) AA (Replaceable)
Finder Type Full Width (Center and Edge) Full Width (Center and Edge)
Detection Depth 1.5 Inch 1.7 Inch
Display Width 4.25 Inch 7 Inch
Bubble Level No Yes
Precision LED Display Yes Yes
Pencil Caddy No Yes
Live Wire Meter Yes Yes
Warranty N/A N/A
Cost $39.99 $62.99

Source: Franklin Sensors.

Franklin m150 vs m210: In-depth Contrast

Unlike comparing ryobi p290 and p237, differentiating between both the stud finder is easier. Let’s find out the detailed comparison between Franklin m150 & m210.


The Franklin m210 is slightly bigger than the m150.

M150 holds the dimension of 7.5×7.5×2.15 inches and the m210 has 7.88×2.5×9.25 inches. In this case, the size doesn’t affect the performance or use.

Sensor Count

The Franklin m210 has more sensors than the m150.

The m150 has 9 precision sensors whereas, the m210 has 15 sensors. The m210s extra sensors will provide you with an increased probability of accuracy while finding studs behind your wall.

Winner: The Franklin m210

LED Count

The Franklin m210 has more LEDs than the m150.

The m150 has 15 LEDs and the m210 has 21 LEDs. More LEDs of m210 will enhance its precision level in stud finding and improve your efficiency. 

Winne: The Franklin m210

Battery Type

The Franklin m150 and m210 used replaceable batteries.

The m210 uses an AA battery whereas, the m150 uses an AAA battery. AA batteries hold almost three-time capacity than AAA batteries. With a stronger battery, the m210 will provide more working hours than the m150.

Winner: The Franklin m210

Finder Type

The Franklin m150 and m210 both have similar finder types.

The m150 and m210 can detect studs in both center and edge. It gives a full wide spectrum behind the wall and an accurate position, size & shape of studs inside of your wall.

Detection Depth

The Franklin m210 has more detection depth than the m150.

The m150 can detect studs from 1.5 inches behind the wall; on the other hand, the m210 can go 1.7 inches behind the wall. The m210 can outperform the m150 when it comes to finding studs deeper in your wall.

However, you might face issues while using stud finders for r13 insulation. Note that, r13 insulation isn’t recommended for the ceiling.

Winner: The Franklin m210

Display Width

The Franklin m210 has a bigger display than the m150.

The m150s display is 4.25 inches wide whereas, the m210 has a 7-inch wide display. With a bigger display, the m210 will provide you with a better observation of the function and the presence of studs.

Winner: The Franklin m210


Franklin Sensors’ official website didn’t mention anything about the warranty for the m150 or m210.


The Franklin m210 is more expensive than the m150.

The m210 will cost you $62.99 according to Franklin Sensors’ official website. On the other hand, the m150 has a price tag of $39.99. These charges are excluding delivery and other fees.

Given the better performance and usability, the price of the m210 is quite justifiable.

Winner: If your only concern is regarding budget, the m150 is your winner.

franklin m150 vs m210 Source: Franklin Sensors

Franklin m150 vs m210: Which One Should You Buy?

The Franklin m210 is a better stud finder for your home than the m150 in contrast to performance and ease of usage. However, these two have some pros and cons like every other product. Let’s take a look.

Model Pros Cons
M150 More durable.

One mode Simplicity.

Every action is in one button.

Enables precision led display and live wire meter features

Might not work effectively relative to thicker plaster walls.

Takes time before reading.

M210 Deliver quick reading.

Auto-detection of wall depth and materials.

Enables built-in bubble level, pencil caddy, precision led display, and live wire meter features.

Trickier to use.

Too many modes to consider before working.

Multiple buttons make it less handy.


To detect studs behind the wall, you should buy a Franklin m210. It can detect through your wall more effectively and precisely than the m150.

However, you should buy m150 if you have a relatively thinner wall of wood and looking for a budget-friendly stud finder. Also, bear in mind that, stud finders are not designed to find sheathing on your wall.


What Is The Best Franklin Sensors Stud Finder?

Franklin sensors prosensor m90 is regarded as the best stud finder. It can accurately detect studs behind all three wall surfaces – drywall, plaster, and paneling.

Where Are Franklin Sensors Made?

The Franklin sensor stud finders are made in the USA.

Is Precision Sensors The Same as Franklin Sensors?

Yes, if you compare Precision Sensors ProFinder 5000+ Deep Scanning Stud Finder and Franklin Sensors model 710. Both products have identical features and performance.


Between the Franklin m210 and m150, the m210 provides more versatility and precision in finding studs behind your wall. Given the quality and performance, the m210 also has an expensive price tag. 

But you can always choose the m150 if it suits you.

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