Wall Control vs Omniwall: A Detailed Comparison  Comparing Two Pegboards

wall control vs omniwall


Omni Wall and Wall Control are two of the most popular wall pegboards available in the market. Sometimes it’s hard to choose one. 

So, regarding Wall Control vs Omniwall, what should you choose?

The Wall Control takes only a few minutes to set up. Wall Control Panels are easy to install in one piece. Omniwall takes a little longer to set up. And Omniwall accessories on Wall Control slots can’t fit. Also, Wall Control is cheaper than Omniwall with many different styles and shades. While Wall Control can fit both small and large accessories, Omniwall is suited for only the small ones. 

Here, we’ll guide you with a detailed comparison between these two for your home or garage situations.

Wall Control vs Omniwall: A Quick Summary

Here is a quick review of Wall Control and Omniwall.

Features Wall Control Omniwall
Panel construction & thickness Much thicker.

Used for both small and large accessories.

Less thick. 

Best for small accessories.  

Versatility Comes with a wide range of tool board attachments.  Can be hung both vertically and horizontally. 
Installation Easy to install.  Little bit complex installation. 
Attachment Over 50 accessories  Over 80 different accessories 
Shades, style & size Can fit into a basic stud or drywall anchors. 

More colors and sizes. 

Fewer colors and sizes.

Customization option. 

Storage 200 pounds. 100 pounds.
Price $70-400$ for 2/3 panels to 10 panels.  $100-$800
Special feature Magnetic Customization

So, let’s get to the details on Wall Control and Omniwall comparison. 

Feature 1: Panel Construction & Thickness

Here is a quick comparison. 

Wall Control Omniwall
20 gauge 32”x16” galvanized steel construction.  18 & 16 gauge 16”x16” galvanized panel. 
0.75” thick.  0.5” thick.
Studs and drywall included.  Studs and drywall included. 
Galvanized finish Powder-coated finishing. 
High-Density Fiberboard(HDF) / High-Strength Fiberboard(HSF) One-piece steel construction with locking cabinet.
For both small and large accessories.  Best for small accessories. 
Heavy-duty and industrial grade Commercial/Residential
Build quality rating: 9.6/10 Build quality rating: 8.7/10

Wall Control is thicker and has a lifetime guarantee. While Wall Control comes with a 20-gauge panel, Omniwall entails 18 & 16-gauge with less space. And, it is 10 times stronger than regular pegboards. 

Also, Wall Control comes with HDF/HSF features which makes it a unique and strong choice. Along with that, Wall Control is more wear and scratch resistant than Omniwall. 


So, it seems that Wall Control is ahead of the race against Omniwall here.

Feature 2: Versatility

Now, let’s look at the versatility factors between Wall Control and Omniwall. 

Wall Control Omniwall
¼” and ⅛” pegboard hooks. Custom design slots and holes with universal design.
Horizontal and vertical mount Horizontal and vertical mount
Secured hooks and slot engagement Secured locking shelve.
Store: 200 pounds Store: 100 pounds

Wall Control fits the traditional ¼” pegboard hooks. The slots and holes come in wide different options. Also, the aluminum panels come with a unique and secured hook engagement. 

Now, Omniwall comes with a secured locking shelf. While Wall control can store up to 200 pounds (small and large accessories), Omniwall can only 100 pounds (small accessories).  

Source: lazyguydiy


So, we’ll recommend Wall Control for its uniqueness in slots, hole accommodation, and storage options. 

Feature 3: Attachment

A quick comparison between Wall Control and Omniwall based on attachment is given below. 

Wall Control  Omniwall
Over 50 different accessories. Over 80 different accessories.
One panel storage.  12 quant bins and a bin storage panel
Universal holders, slots, and hooks for small and large accessories.  Plier holder, wrench holder, screwdriver holder, 2-pack short serious hooks, etc. 

Omniwall offers more accessory options than Wall Control. Also, Omniwall has 12 quant bins and a bin storage panel that is efficient. Wall Control does not have this attachment feature. 


So, if you’re a DIY guy, Omniwall might be the best option for you based on its attachment ability. 

Feature 4: Installation

Wall Control comes in different little panels and is easier to install. The panel’s corners are cut prior to the installation of the screws. Thus, you can mount each on every corner as well as in the middle of the bottom and top sides. 

For Omniwall, you’ll need top and bottom cleats to install the panel. As there are various slots available, you can mount them into the drywall. Then you’ll need pushpins to secure the panels into the cleats. 

Additionally, if you’re looking for 2x8 ceiling insulation, go here for advice.


So, it seems Wall Control is our winner for easy installation.  

Feature 5: Shades, Style & Size

Wall Control  Omniwall 
8 different colors for panels and 4 different colors for hooks.  6 different shades of color. 
6 different sizes 4 different sizes
Overall 12 standard styles and 5 signature styles Overall 6 different styles. 

Wall Control offers more shades of color and styles than Omniwall. Wall Control also offers 6 different basic sizes, 12 different standard styles, and 5 signature colors. 

Source: garagetransformed.

But Omniwall offers only 6 shades of color and styles with 4 different basic sizes. Although the limitation of the sizes, both of the pegboards can be customized. 


So, for style and customization, Wall Control is definitely your winner. 

Feature 6: Price

Wall Control ranges from $70-$400 based on the panels used. On the other hand, Omniwall’s cost ranges from $100-$800 based on panel and customization. 

Apart from that, you might be wondering why are hazet tools so expensive


So, Wall Control will give you the best performance within a low budget. 

Special Feature

Wall Control includes a special feature which is a magnetic application. The pegboard accepts magnetic slots where you can just store your tools without hooks. 

On the other hand, Omniwall does not offer any special features except for its increased customization flexibility.  


So, on the ground of special features, Wall Control takes the crown. 

Wall Control vs Omniwall: Which Is The Best

So, Wall Control is clearly the winner here for its extreme durability, strength, versatility, and ease of installation. That said, Omniwall still might be a better choice for a DIY guy who needs minimal and small accessories. 


Who Are Wall Control Competitors?

The major competitors of Wall Control are Falco, Alpha Nero, Lyon, Lankapaja, etc. For your home or garage pegboard solution, you can choose one of the above. All of the competitors are equipped with various pegboard features for your garage or home workshop.  

What Are The Different Types of Metal Pegboards?

The different types of metal pegboards include aluminum, stainless steel, MDF, wooden, plastic, etc. For heavy-duty applications, aluminium or stainless steel pegboards are used for their strength and durability. Otherwise, wooden or plastic pegboards are widely used for light-duty applications. 

What Is A Better Alternative to Pegboards?

A better alternative to pegboards can be a wooden wall. Usually, a wooden sheet or plywood, boards, and MDF are used for the workshop application. A wooden wall is a handy option as it can be built and customized the way you want. 


So, hopefully, this comparison of Wall Control vs Omniwall showed you the best suitable options for your home/garage/workshop application. Wall Control is the winner for heavy-duty applications andOmniwall for small-scale garage applications.

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