Why Are Hazet Tools So Expensive?

why are hazet tools so expensive


If you’re in the market or curious for high-quality and durable tools, you may have come across Hazet tools. You must be wondering why Hazet tools are more expensive than others.

So, why are Hazet tools so expensive?

Hazet tools are expensive because of their high quality and precision. Hazet has a reputation for making tools that are ergonomic, innovative and safe. Their strict quality control, craft skills, limited distribution and customized options are also responsible for the higher price.

Keep scrolling to find out in detail about what makes Hazet tools so expensive and sets them apart from other brands.

15 Reasons Why Hazet Tools Are So Expensive 

Hazet is a German company that has been making really good quality hand tools for a long time, since 1868. They make tools for cars, airplanes and other industries. Hazet tools are really precise, strong, and easy to hold.

Hazet offers tools of different types like torque wrenches, pliers, double sockets and screwdrivers. These Hazet tools are known for their high pricing. Let’s find out the reasons in detail. 

Reason 1: German Engineering 

German engineering has a reputation for precision engineering, and this is reflected in Hazet’s tools. This is one of the major reasons for the tools being expensive.

Hazet produces a wide range of different tools which is more than 5,500. A large number of these tools, approximately 80% of the company’s entire product lineup, are manufactured in Germany.

Reason 2: High Quality Materials

Hazet tools are made from premium materials like chrome-vanadium steel, which is known for its exceptional strength and resistance to corrosion. They make their tools using top-quality materials to ensure they last a long time.

HAZET »STEEL – this is, what tools are made of« (english)


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For instance, the 600N series of Hazet wrenches are crafted from strong and tough steel called chromium-vanadium alloy steel.

Reason 3: Advanced Manufacturing Techniques 

Hazet makes tools using very advanced machines that are very precise and accurate. They use CNC machining which helps them cut and shape materials very accurately, so their tools fit perfectly and work really well. 

They also use a process called laser cutting to make really cool designs on their tools, making them look nice.

Reason 4: Precision 

Hazet tools are designed with extreme  precision in mind. The company puts a great deal of effort into maintaining this level of accuracy throughout the production process. Their goal is to create tools that are able to perform at the highest level, with no margin for error. 

why are hazet tools so expensiveSource: Hazet 

Reason 5: Rigorous Testing

Hazet takes great care to ensure that all their tools meet extremely high standards by subjecting them to rigorous testing. Through this comprehensive testing, Hazet guarantees that each tool leaving the factory is of the utmost quality.

Reason 6: Ergonomic Tools

Hazet tools are designed with ergonomic features that provide comfort during use. Also, it  helps prevent strain on the hands and wrists. This allows for easy handling of the tools, making them ideal for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike, even during extended periods of use.

Reason 7: Reputation 

Hazet is widely known for manufacturing exceptional tools that are known for their reliability and durability. This reputation has been earned over many years of experience, and Hazet is committed to maintaining its excellent standards in all aspects of its operations. 

Reason 8: Attention to Detail

Hazet takes great care in making their tools. They focus on even the smallest details to ensure that their tools are top-notch and work well. Additionally, they use precise cutting techniques for their wrenches to ensure they hold tightly onto nuts and bolts.

Reason 9: Customization Options

Hazet provides options for customers to customize their tools according to their specific needs. This means customers can choose the features and specifications that suit them best. This increases the tool’s price. 

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As an example, Hazet’s torque wrenches can be adjusted to different torque ranges and units of measurement to fit the customer’s needs.

Reason 10: Craftsmanship 

Hazet tools are crafted by skilled artisans. Their craftsmanship ensures that each tool is made to the highest standard and performs flawlessly for years to come.

Reason 11: Innovative Tool 

Hazet invests heavily in research and development to design and produce tools that are more efficient, more durable, and more ergonomic. Professionals in several industries often demand these tools ahead of their time. This adds to the higher price of these tools.

Reason 12: Strict quality control measures

Hazet has the reputation of producing tools of the highest quality. They use the best materials for their tools. Also, they employ strict quality control measures to ensure that each of their tools are high standard.

This quality control process adds to the cost of producing the tools, but it also ensures reliability and durability.

Reason 13: Limited Distribution 

Hazet tools are not widely distributed. They are only available from a select few retailers who specialize in selling high-end tools. By not being subject to the pricing pressures of mass-market retailers, Hazet can maintain their prices for their tools. 

In contrast there are other tools which are widely distributed and that’s why they are less expensive like weatherhead sockets.

Reason 14:Safety

Hazet makes sure their tools are safe to use. They create special safety features in their tools that prevent accidents and injuries from happening. Even though these safety features cost extra money, they make the tools much safer to use. 

Reason 15: High Demand

Hazet tools are in high demand because of their quality, innovation, and safety features. Professionals who rely on their tools every day are willing to pay a premium for tools that are reliable and durable, and that can improve their productivity. This high demand allows Hazet to maintain higher prices for their tools. 

So, Hazet tools are actually expensive for credible reasons. That’s why they have a wide range of customers who are professionals and DIY enthusiasts, as they are a reputed high quality brand.


How Long Has Hazet Been Manufacturing Tools?

Hazet has been manufacturing tools for over 150 years. The company was founded in 1868 in Remscheid, Germany and used to produce chisels and punches initially.  

What Are Some Common Types of Hazet Wrenches?

Some common types of Hazet wrenches are combination wrench, open-end wrench, socket wrench,flare nut wrench, Ratcheting Box-End Wrench, Double open-end wrench etc.

What is The Hazet Tool Trolley System?

The Hazet Tool Trolley System is a tool storage and organization system. The tool trolley consists of a cart or mobile platform which has multiple drawers or compartments. These drawers provide space to store and organize different types of tools such as wrenches, sockets, pliers, and screwdrivers.


To conclude, Hazet tools are expensive for their premium quality. However, because of their high standard tools, they are a favorite choice of professionals and DIY enthusiasts, despite being pricey. 

Now we expect that you can understand why Hazet tools are so expensive. Good luck!

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