Ryobi P290 vs P237: Which Impact Driver to Get?

ryobi p290 vs p237


There are many options in the market when choosing a drill machine. So, it’s justified to be confused about finding a suitable one. 

This confusion initiates the question of which one is better Ryobi p290 vs p237

The P290 is heavier, more expensive, and has a lower torque than the P237. However, it is quieter and more compatible with household applications. The P237 is lighter, less expensive, and has a higher torque than the P290. However, it is louder and less compatible with household applications. 

There are many more things to consider. Let’s discuss them in a deeper manner.

Ryobi P290 Vs P237: A Quick Overview of Features 

There are both differences and similarities between Ryobi P290 and P237. Both Ryobi P920 and P237 models feature a brushless motor and feature an 18V lithium battery as the main power source. 

Both the Ryobi P290 and P327 models feature a tri-beam LED. That indicates that they are similarly equipped in terms of lighting technology. Source: https://www.ryobitools.com

Both the Ryobi  P290 and P237 models feature notched, rubberized over-mold grips that enable users to work efficiently even in slippery conditions. Now, let’s take a look at some fundamental differences between Ryobi’s P290 and P237 models. 

Factors  P290  P237 
Weight Heavy (4lb) Lightweight (2.75 lb)
Compatibility  Household Industrial
Speed 3200 RPM

2200 BPM

3200 RPM

3200 BPM

Torque  450 in-lbs 1800 in-lbs
Chunk Size 6.5 millimeters 13 millimeters 
Noise Quiet (QUIETSTRIKE technology) Noisy
Price Expensive $75 to $80 Cheaper $45 to $50

Being part of the 18V ONE+ system, both can run on the same battery from Ryobi. But unfortunately, Hart and Ryobi batteries aren’t interchangeable

A Detailed Discussion of Ryobi P290 Vs P237 

The following discussion shows how these two models differ and how the differences translate in the real world. 

Factor 1: Weight

In terms of weight, the Ryobi P290 model is comparatively heavier, weighing in at 4lb. On the other hand, the Ryobi P237 model is relatively lighter, with a weight of 2.75lb, making it significantly less heavy than the P290. 

So, P290 may cause more fatigue, strain, and discomfort since it’s a heavier impact driver. On the other hand, P237 is easier to handle and maneuver which leads to increased precision and productivity.

ryobi p290 vs p237Source: https://www.homedepot.com

Factor 2: Compatibility 

Considering the intended use and the specific needs of the user is necessary while choosing a drill machine. 

In this regard, DIY projects, light repairs, and small renovations in household works like installing a hose bib in the garage will be done perfectly by Ryobi P290.

On the other hand, the Ryobi P237 model is better suited for industrial use due to its larger size, and higher power output. It is ideal for heavy-duty tasks such as drilling through thick materials, construction work, and professional installations. 

Factor 3: Speed 

Ryobi P290 and P327 both have a maximum rotational speed of 3200 RPM. However, the P290 has a slightly lower maximum beats per minute (BPM) rate of 2200, while the P327 has a higher maximum BPM rate of 3200. 

As a matter of fact, high BPM is a good thing while drilling. It ensures a smooth cut that’s why high BPM is a good advantage. Working with appropriate drilling speed is crucial for obtaining a smooth finish. 

Using an incorrect speed can result in damage to the drilling material and cause it to overheat. Therefore, if you prioritize higher BPM over torque, the P327 may be a more suitable choice. 

On the other hand, if you value a balance between rotational speed and BPM, the P290 is a better option. 

Factor 4: Torque

The torque of P290 is significantly lower at 450 lbs compared to P237, which has a much higher torque of 1800 lbs. Normally, high torque needs in construction, woodworking, and automotive industries for driving screws, bolts,etc. 

On the other hand, lower torque is fine where it less force to drive fasteners into softer materials or where over-torquing can cause damage. In such cases, a regular drill or a low-torque setting on an impact driver may be more appropriate.

Usually, impact drivers in high gear generate lower torque, which decreases automatically as the speed increases. Higher torque results in a greater twisting force, making lower torque preferable in this scenario. 

Factor 5: Chunk Size 

The chunk size of P290 is 6.5 millimeters while the chunk size of P237 is 13 millimeters. P290 is suitable for lightweight work since a smaller chunk size will result in lower power output. In contrast, P237 is suitable for heavy-duty tasks.

The standard measurement for chunk size is ⅜ inch or 10 mm, with ½ inch or 13 mm being a common alternative for heavy-duty tasks. For lightweight jobs, a ¼ inch chunk size is best suited. 

Factor 6: Noise

The Ryobi P290 produces less noise than the P237 model. In contrast, the P237 generates a considerable amount of noise, which may affect your hearing ability when using the tool.

The Ryobi P290 is part of Ryobi’s QuietStrike line, which means that it is designed to be quieter than traditional impact drivers.

Factor 7: Price

The price of Ryobi P290 is around $75-$80 which is more expensive than P237 whose price is $45-$50. So, if budget is your utmost priority, you should get the cheapest one.

Which of the Two Ryobi Impact Drivers Should You Get?

If you have to pick one between Ryobi P290 and Ryobi P237, both are equally capable and efficient. If you want a lightweight one, go for P237 whereas P290 would be a holy grail for you if you’re looking for household work. 

Ultimately, the best impact driver for you will depend on your needs and budget. If you are looking for a quiet and efficient impact driver, the P290 is a good option. If you are looking for a more affordable impact driver, the P237 is a good choice.


Which Motor Is Used In Ryobi Impactful Drivers?

Ryobi impactful drivers are available with both brushed and brushless motors. The brushed motor in the Ryobi impact driver can generate a powerful torque of up to 220Nm and 3,400 BPM. On the other hand, the Ryobi 18V ONE+ HP Brushless 4-Mode Impact Driver comes with a high-torque motor. 

Why Is Ryobi Brushless Better?

Ryobi Brushless provides better performance and endurance. The use of brushless technology enhances the torque of RYOBI tools, providing 100% constant power in both forward and reverse directions.  

How Long Does A Ryobi Drill Last?

Ryobi drill can last around 5 hours. Ryobi one+ compatibility allows for the use of the same battery across multiple Ryobi drills. Furthermore, a lithium battery has the ability to hold its charge for up to a year. 


Hopefully, you’ve got to know the differences and similarities between Ryobi P290 vs P237. 

Each of them is unique in its own way. You just pick the perfect one between them according to your preferences and needs. However, whatever you choose, it comes with some shortcomings. 

Best wishes for your venture!

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