Miter Saw Not Cutting All the Way Through? Solved!

miter saw not cutting all the way through


While cutting material with a miter saw you’re noticing that it’s not cutting all the way through. The situation is really irritating. 

So, you’re wondering why the miter saw not cutting all the way through?

Miter saw does not cut all the way through due to a damaged or incorrect size blade which requires a replacement of the blade. Then, if the blade is not placed correctly, it can’t cut all the way through. In this case, you need to position the blade perfectly. Also, a misaligned bevel gauge and incorrect depth lever can also initiate this issue.  

These are just some brief attempts to help you resolve the issues. However, it’s important to read through to the end for all the necessary details. 

Miter Saw Not Cutting All the Way Through: Reasons And Solutions

It’s common to encounter issues with miter saws when using them regularly, with the most frequent problem being the saw’s inability to cut all the way through the material. 

In this section, we’ll examine the specific reasons and solutions for this issue. Before delving into a detailed discussion, let’s take a quick look at the underlying causes and potential fixes.

Reasons Solutions
Corroded or damaged blade Replace the blade
Saw dust inside To install a sacrificial fence
Misplaced blade Position the blade perfectly
Misaligned bevel gauge Fix the bevel gauge 
Incorrect blade size Replace the blade
Incorrect depth lever Adjust the depth

Now, it’s time to explain all the reasons and respective solutions in detail.

Reason 1: Corroded Or Damaged Blade

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Usually, a damaged blade with missing or broken teeth won’t be able to cut all the way through the material.  


If the blade is already corroded and damaged, you need to replace the blade. Follow the steps below to do that. 

Step 1: First remove the blade guard by unscrewing the screws. Then, remove the blade bolt by using the wrench to loosen the bolt that holds the blade in place. 

Step 2: Now, carefully lift the old blade off the saw and set it aside once the blade is loosened. Be sure to keep your hands clear of the blade’s teeth.

Step 3: It’s time to align the new blade and tighten the blade bolt. Then reinstall the blade guard. 

Reason 2: Saw Dust Inside

Sawdust accumulates inside the saw, which reduces its cutting efficiency. 

Also, sawdust can cause the blade to bind which in uneven or incomplete cuts. 


To get over this situation, you need to clean and remove any accumulated sawdust regularly.  

Required tools: Broom, dustpan, and dump cloth

Here is how to clean Miter Saw;

Step 1: Remove all the dust from the saw with the broom

Step 2: Then, use the dustpan to collect the smaller sawdust particles or use a vacuum cleaner with a dusting attachment to suck up the remaining dust.

Step 3: Now use the damp cloth to wipe down any remaining surfaces, that include equipment, floors, and workspaces. This will help remove any remaining sawdust and keep surfaces clean. 

Reason 3: Misplaced Blade

When the blade is not aligned correctly, it might fail to cut through the material. 


The solution is pretty obvious in this kind of issue. You must ensure that the blades are properly aligned with the material being cut, so make sure to adjust the miter saw correctly

For a visual in-depth guide, you can check the following video tutorial.

Adjusting Miter Saws For Accurate & Square Cuts

Reason 4: Misaligned Bevel Gauge 

The bevel gauge of your miter saw can remain misaligned as well which causes the miter saw not to cut all the way through. 


You need to fix the bevel gauge using a screwdriver. 

Step 1: To begin, loosen the adjustable screws with a screwdriver that holds the bevel gauge in place. You can use any screwdriver for this task, just make sure it’s not too small.

Step 2: Next, adjust the angle of the gauge as necessary.

Step 3: Once you have set it to the correct position, reattach and tighten the screws. 

Also, you should follow the guidelines in the user manual on how to align the bevel gauge to perform the job perfectly, since the process can vary depending on the specific model. A reciprocating saw blade wobble can also be caused by this misalignment. 

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Reason 5: Incorrect Blade Size 


You should replace the miter saw blade if it’s in the incorrect size. 

Reason 6: Incorrect Depth Lever

Usually, the depth lever controls the depth of the blade which determines how deep the blade will cut into the material. So, if the depth lever doesn’t set correctly, the blade will not be able to go through the material all the way. 

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Having an imperfect cut is also associated with the Ryobi meter saw clamp not working.


You can follow the steps given below to correctly set the incorrect depth lever.

Step 1: First, determine the thickness of the cutting material. Then, adjust the depth lever which is located on the back of the saw near the table. The adjustment should be according to the thickness of the material. 

Step 2:  To inspect the depth, you need to lower the saw blade onto the material. When the blade is fully lowered, neither the table nor the material should touch the blade teeth. 

Step 3: Now the blade is in the proper depth lever. You can start working to see if it’s corrected as your wish. If not then repeat the same procedure. 

It’s also recommended that always refer to the user manual for specific instructions on how to properly set the depth lever. 


Can A Miter Saw Cut Lengthwise?

Yes, a miter saw can cut lengthwise. Making lengthwise cuts on short pieces of wood is possible with a miter saw. To do this safely and quickly, you can use painter’s tape and two scrap blocks of wood. However, ensure that the scrap wood blocks are adequately sized to keep your hands out of harm’s way when using the saw. 

What Are The Limitations Of A Miter Saw?

The first limitation of the miter saw is its cutting ability. It is designed for cutting small to medium-sized workpieces, typically with a width limitation of 10-12 inches.  Then, it can only cut wood, wood products, and composite wood products. 

Is A Miter Saw Safer Than A Circular Saw?

Yes, a miter saw is a safer option than a circular saw. While a circular saw can make both rip cuts along the length of a board and cross cuts across the width of a board, a miter saw is limited to making only cross cuts. 


Hopefully, you got to know why your miter saw not cutting all the way through. 

You’ll be surely able to fix the issue just by going through the article. If the problem still persists, you should seek professional assistance.

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