Top Liftmaster 3800 Problems: A Troubleshooting Guide

liftmaster 3800 problems


Is your  Liftmaster 3800 garage door opener suddenly causing problems? I understand that can be very frustrating. But do not worry, I am here to help you.

So, what are some common Liftmaster 3800 problems?

Liftmaster 3800 problems include cocked doors with bent rails and a blocked or jammed garage door, garage door to slightly lift up and then stop, etc. These problems can be solved by manually adjusting the pulley, adjusting the up force and lubricating the rollers respectively.

But is that all? Not really. In this article I have laid out 3 common problems with the Liftmaster 3800 and how you could solve them. So let us dig in!

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Liftmaster 3800 Problems: Quick Fixes

In this section I have briefly discussed 3 common issues with the Liftmaster 3800 along with how to solve them. If you are still confused go to the next section for a more detailed fix of these three problems. 

Problems Reason Solution
The control console and remote control are both ineffective  The opener may be disconnected from electrical power. Door locks may not be disabled. The door may be frozen to the ground. The garage door spring may also be broken. Check if the Liftmaster 3800 is receiving power. Disable the door locks. Remove any snow or ice near the door. 
Cocked Doors with Bent Rails cable on the opposite side of the device disconnected from the drum Tighten the set screw on the left side pulley, compress the spring and then tighten the right side shaft.
Partially open door before shutting  Broken or defective spring  To fix the problem, you need to adjust the ‘up force’.
Blocked/Jammed Door Something is blocking the way  Remove the rollers’ connection,  lubricate or replace them.

So, that was a quick solution to fix the typical issues that consumers run into with the Liftmaster 3800. If you are still confused please do not worry. In the next section, I have a thorough explanation for each of them. 

The Control Console And Remote Control Are Both Ineffective 

Sometimes you will find both the control console and the remote console unresponsive.


Follow these steps to quickly fix the issue:

  1. Check if the power outlet the Liftmaster 3800 is connected to is outputting power. To do this connect any small electrical appliance to the outlet and run it. If you are using a double socket one side may not be working.
  2. If the door locks were not disabled and ropes were not removed during the installation process do that now. 
  3. Remove any ice or snow piled up near the door. Also remove any obstacles that could keep the door from opening.
  4. The torsion spring located at the top of the garage door may be broken. Replace it by calling a professional Liftmaster technician.

Cocked Doors with Bent Rails

A common problem with the Liftmaster 3800 is that the garage door gets cocked and the rail gets bent. This happened as a result of separation of cord on the other side of the device from the drum.


To address the issue, slightly raise the edges of the tracks. Additionally, the door should be positioned with a slight downward angle while it is in its resting position. It is important to note that the Liftmaster 3800 model is designed to only guide the door as it falls. It does not apply downward force to the garage door.

Follow these directions to solve the problem:

Step 1: Without exerting any force, position the spring.

Step 2: Then tighten the left hand side pulley by hand and also tighten the pulley’s set screw.

Step 3: To maintain the cable taut, compress the spring by one turn.

Step 4: By hand, tighten the right-side shaft and the shaft set screw.

Your garage door should now be opening evenly. Alsom check out the manual for further inquiries.

Partially Open Door Before Shutting 

The door opens for about 2 inches before halting when you press the door opener button. When you press the door opener button once more, it partially opens before shutting. 


The issue might be resolved by adjusting the “up force.” you need to adjust a knob where all those white cables connect to the machine’s back.

Reach up there and make an adjustment to the up force by rotating the knob clockwise slightly. Check if the upforce is sufficient by opening the garage door. If it is not adequate, keep adjusting the knob until the garage door opens properly.

Blocked / Jammed Door

In this case the door gets stuck during the downward movement, and you will find it hard to pull it down manually.


To ensure smooth operation of your Liftmaster 3800, you need to remove the roller connection. After that lubricate the rollers or replace them and keep the track clean. A properly working door is also essential for its operation.

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Why Still Consider The Liftmaster 3800?

The Liftmaster 3800 comes with many problems. But it is still a very popular garage door controller. That is because the Liftmaster 3800 comes with many advantages, some of which are given below:

  1. The Liftmaster 3800 is an excellent option for garage doors up to 14 feet tall. 
  2. Its 24-volt DC motor operates quietly and smoothly. 
  3. Designed specifically for new doors, installation is easy and hassle-free. 
  4. The Liftmaster 3800 is comparatively more affordable than its counterparts. 
  5. The integrated Wi-Fi feature allows for remote control via mobile devices, and soft start and stop ensure smooth operation. 
  6. Additionally, the intelligent LED light provides excellent illumination, and up to five other LED lights can be connected and controlled separately. You could even connect the garage lights in series.


Are Liftmaster Openers Good?

Yes, Liftmaster garage door openers are good. Liftmaster is renowned for its dependable openers that frequently set the standard for safety features and pass safety tests with flying colors. They also come with some unique features.

Can I Program My Liftmaster To My Phone?

Yes, you can program your Liftmaster to your phone. By using myQ connectivity, it is now possible to control your garage door openers directly from your smartphone or through cloud-based software. This feature enables you to get alerts when a door or gate is left open and lets you close it remotely effortlessly.

Does Liftmaster Have A Camera?

Yes, some versions of the Liftmaster 3800 have a camera. The smart opener series called Secure View includes a camera and 2-way audio communication. You can livestream and communicate with those in your garage through the myQ app on your smartphone, even when you’re away.


Now you know about the Liftmaster 3800 problems. Ths a common question asked by people looking to install garage openers. Problems with a garage opener can be very frustrating. Liftmaster 3800 is a rather dependable garage opener which usually wors with very little issues. I hope that you did not face any difficulty in reading this article.

That is all for today. Goodluck with your new garage opener. Thank you and Goodbye!

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