7 Common Ryobi Miter Saw Problems [How to solve them]

ryobi miter saw problems

Ryobi miter saw not turning on is one of the common problems that may arise after you buy one. You may face problems while cutting straight or square or a bad vibration. Sometimes it may not respond, or the lasers might not work. Often, it may overheat or stop mid-way while you’re working. 

For a clear view of further possible Ryobi miter saw problems and their solutions, you can go through the following article ahead.

Key Takeaways:

  • 8 Common Problems, Reasons, and their Solutions
  • Other Possible problems and hazards
  • Preventive measures for Problems and Hazards

7 Common Ryobi Miter Saw Problems with Reasons and Solutions

There can be several problems while using a Ryobi miter saw. Here are the most common problems, with reasons along with their solutions.

Problems Reasons Solutions
Won’t turn on/ Won’t start
  1. No plug connection.
  2. Damaged Fuse/ Circuit breaker, Switch, Cord, or Brush
  1. Solve plug connection issue
  2. Replace or reset fuse, switch cord, or brushes
Not cutting straight/square
  1. Misalignment Fence, blade, bevel gauge or miter gauge
  2. Damaged blade
  3. Moving workpiece
  4.  Bent fence or worn-out bushing
  1. Alignment correction.
  2. Replace the blade.
  3. Clamp Workpiece
  4. Replace fence/bushing.
Bad vibration
  1. Loose blade bolt.
  2. No Secure mount.
  3. Uneven workbench
  4. Lacking cleanliness
  1. Tighten the Blade bolt 
  2. Mount securely.
  3. Even out workbench
  4. Clean the blades
No response when pulled
  1. Stuck trigger. 
  2. Bad connection. 
  3. Something stuck inside.
  1. Push the trigger harder.
  2. Wiggle the trigger
  3. Clean up the stuck particle.
Laser not working
  1. Switch, laser, power supply assembly, and adjustable laser guide when not working properly
  2. Power flow issue 
  1. Unplug, check the miters, bevel adjustment, and secure workpiece. Then power on.
  2. Cut, and allow blade rise. 
  3. Unplug and secure padlock.
  4. Plug in, and align laser adjustment screw.
Stops mid-way while cutting
  1. Wrong material.
  2. Dull saw blade problem 
  1. Make sure to make in-depth research on which materials to cut and which not.
  2. Replace the blade.
  1. Temperature imbalance
  2. Power tool not matching outlet
  3. Placed near heat or fire sources
  4. Not charged with the specifically manufactured charger
  1. Disconnect
  2. Maintain the room temperature.
  3. Check for moisture or liquid secretion or misalignment.
  4. Clean vents

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Elaboration of Problems with Detailed Diagnosis and Solutions

Here, you can find the problems in detail and learn about their solutions.

Problem 1: Ryobi Miter Saw Won’t Turn On/ Won’t Start

The most common problem you will face with a Ryobi miter saw is that it won’t start or turn on. 


The problem can be for various reasons, like- no plug connection or the switch not  working. There can be a blown fuse or a tripped circuit breaker behind the problem as well. 

The saw can also have a damaged cord or broken or worn-out brushes that cause this problem.


  • Give plug connection to the miter saw
  • Replace the switch
  • Replace the fuse/ reset the circuit breaker.
  • Replace the cord
  • Replace the brushes.

Doing this should resolve the issue. 

Problem 2: Ryobi Miter Saw Not Cutting Straight or Square

Sometimes, while cutting with the miter saw, you can see it’s not cutting straight. Sometimes it may even not cut square


This can be because of fence misalignment with the blade, or a wrapped or damaged blade/ blade installment issue. 

Also, it can be a result of a misaligned bevel or miter gauge. Even if the workpiece is not safely secured or shaken, it may not cut straight. These might be some of the reasons behind miter saw not working. 


  • Place a speed square in between to align the blade with the fence.
  • Replace the blade.
  • Realignment of the bevel gauge for restoring angle accuracy.
  • Realignment of the miter gauge.
  • Safely secure the workpiece with the saw table. 

For a detailed solution procedure, you can view the following video.


If your saw doesn’t cut square then try replacing the fence and the bushing.

Problem 3: Ryobi Miter Saw Has A Bad Vibration

While working with your Ryobi miter saw, you may see your machine severely vibrating, which may scare you.


This can be because of loose blade bolts or because it’s not safely mounted to the workbench. The saw may vibrate when it’s not positioned evenly on the workbench.

However, an unclean blade or blade flanges can be another reason as well.


  • Tighten the Blade bolt or find a new blade bolt if it doesn’t tighten up.
  • Tightly secure the mounting hardware.
  • Lay the workbench on a flat surface, or fasten it to the floor if possible.
  • Clean the blades and blade flanges
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Problem 4: Ryobi Miter Saw Doesn’t Respond When Pulled

When you’re pulling the trigger, the saw may have no movement or not respond.


It could be because you didn’t move your trigger for a while. It can also happen when the trigger is not well connected to the mechanism. Also, it could be because of something stuck within, which caused the connection to be disconnected. 


  • More force application on the trigger.
  • Wiggle the trigger back and forth
  • Clean the stuck particles out

Problem 5: Ryobi Miter Saw Laser Is Not Working

Sometimes while working with a Ryobi miter saw, you may notice the laser is not working.


The laser not working can be because of the switch, laser itself, power supply assembly, or adjustable laser guide. There can also be a power flow issue between the motor and the laser. 


  • Unplug the saw, check the miters, bevel adjustment, and secure the workpiece properly. Then power the saw back.
  • Cut the wood piece slightly, and allow the blade to rise after that. 
  • Unplugging again, then securing the padlock 
  • Finally, plug in again, use the laser adjustment screw, and align the laser with the kerf edge.

Problem 6: Ryobi Miter Saw Stops Mid-Way While Cutting

You Ryobi Miter Saw may just stop at some point. Midway while cutting something, your miter saw may stop. 


The material you are cutting with your saw might need more strength to cut. Even dull blades can be a reason for the miter saw to stop while cutting.


  • Make sure to make in-depth research on which materials to cut and which not.
  • Replace the blade.

Problem 7: Ryobi Miter Saw Is Overheating

When you are using the miter saw, the entire machine may heat up at some point.


The reason for overheating can be the extreme atmospheric temperature around you. It can also be a problem due to the power tool not matching the outlet. 

Your miter saw if placed near a heat or fire source can also be a convenient reason. It can also happen to heat up if not charged with a specific charger as well. 


  • Disconnect the power tool from any outlet
  • Maintain the room temperature at more than 50 °F and less than 100 °F. Choose an air-conditioned room.
  • When cooled down, check if there is any moisture or liquid secretion or misalignment of moving parts. Check if any of the parts are broken and any other situation that may affect the power tool operating-system.
  • Clear the vents of sawdust

The Ryobi miter saw is really a great reliable helping tool. There are also several tools that can help and assist your work with the Ryobi miter saw. 

For example, you can go for tools complementing your Ryobi miter saw like- the Ryobi p237, Ryobi p238, etc. Obviously, first, make a perfect comparison between the p237 and p238 tools you would want to buy. 

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Product 3 https://www.amazon.com/Ryobi-P238-Brushless-Cordless-Gripzone/product-reviews/B077GNX1KW 

You can search for whether to buy a Ryobi P237 or P238 or a Franklin M150 or an M210. Also, you may consider comparing a Dewalt 708 to a Dewalt 780 if you want to purchase complementary tools.

You can get an idea about the problems in the troubleshooting portion of your model of Ryobi miter saw.


How Do I Solve The Ryobi Miter Saw Bevel Angle Problem?

If you wish to perform a basic cross cut, keep the miter and bevel adjustments at 0. Since most miter saw cuts at a right angle of 90°, you’ll want to cut at a 45° angle. So they match up precisely and become 90°.

How Do I Prevent Unsatisfactory Cutting Problems With My Ryobi Miter Saw?

To prevent unsatisfactory cutting problems during the bevel cut, you have to secure the workpiece to the saw table. A great deal of the problem is due to the workpiece having little movement, resulting in errors. 

Why Is The Ryobi Miter Adjustment Saw Stuck?

The Ryobi Miter adjustment saw can get stuck while working because of the knob, lever, or wear plate. You can install a new knob, lever, or wear plate to solve the adjustment problem.

Concluding line

Being aware of the common Ryobi miter saw problems and solutions, you’ll be able to efficiently diagnose possible difficulties. 

That will be all!

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