DeWalt 708 vs 780: 9 Significant Differences!

deWalt 708 vs 780


DeWalt alone makes multiple cordless drills which all are very popular in the market. So, having a hard time choosing the most well-suited one is common. 

So, DeWalt 708 vs 780 – which one should you choose? 

DeWalt has a maximum power rating of 340 UWO while the 780 has only 300 watts. 708 uses a brushless motor which is more efficient and long-lasting than the brushed motor of the 780. The maximum torque of the 708 is 1650 in-lbs, which is way more than the 350 in-lbs torque speed of 780. 708 is also more compact and lightweight. However, the 780 is more budget-friendly and easy to repair. 

So, let’s dive into the article and see which one of these drills wins the head-to-head argument. 

DeWalt 708 vs 780: Quick Comparison

Here’s a quick comparison between DeWalt 708 and 780 before we jump into the detailed discussion. 350


Feature  DeWalt 708 DeWalt 780
Maximum power 340 UWO 300 Watt
Motor Type Brushless Brushed
Maximum Torque 1650 in-lbs in-lbs
RPM 1650 2000
Dimensions 7.9 x 6.3 x 3.86 inches ‎8.19 x 4x 9.5  inches
Weight 2.4 pounds 2.8 pounds
Chuck Design Keyless Keyed 
Repairability  Tough Easy 
Price $155- $160 $120 to $125

DeWalt 708 vs 780: In-depth Comparison 

Here’s a detailed comparison between the DeWalt DCD708C2 drill and the DeWalt DCD780B

Maximum Power

The DeWalt 708 drill has a maximum power of 340 UWO (unit watts out) while the DeWalt 780 has a 300 watt maximum power. The UWO rating of a drill is the point at which the drill’s torque and speed are at their highest levels. 

As the DeWalt 708 has higher maximum power, it will work faster and more efficiently than the Dewalt 780. 

Motor Type

The main difference between the DeWalt 708 and 780 drills is the type of motor they use. The DeWalt 708 has a brushless motor, while the DeWalt 780 has a brushed motor. 

Brushed motors use physical brushes to transfer power to the rotor. On the other hand, brushless motors use an electronic control circuit to energize the stator coils, eliminating the need for brushes.

DeWalt 708 being a brushless drill gets benefits over the DeWalt 780. A brushless motor is 90%+ efficient while a brushed motor is only 75 – 80%. Also, a brushed motor fails more frequently due to the physical damage of the brush and it loses torque over time. 

Maximum Torque

Maximum torque in DeWalt 708 is much higher than the  780. Torque is the twisting force that a drill generates, which is essential for driving screws and drilling into materials. It is not the speed at which the drill turns. 

The 708 has a significantly higher torque rating than the DeWalt 780. This means that the DeWalt 708 can handle tougher drilling and fastening tasks. For example, drilling on hardwood is a difficult job. But you can work with dense hardwoods or thick metals more effectively with the 708 than with the 780.

deWalt 708 vs 780Source: DeWalt


The highest RPM in the 708 is 1650 while the highest RPM in 780 is 2000. RPM stands for “revolutions per minute,” which refers to the speed at which a drill’s bit rotates. The faster a drill rotates, the quicker it can complete drilling and fastening tasks.

With 780, you can drill an object faster than 708. However, RPM anything above 1500 is considered standard and will do most of the drilling job efficiently. 

For getting the best result from your drill machine, along with the RPM, you have to make sure the drill bits are of high quality. Even though Norseman and Vikings Drill bit have dissimilarities, they both are great brands. 


The Dewalt 708 is smaller and more compact than the 780. The dimension of 708 is 7.9 x 6.3 x 3.86 inches, whereas, the dimensions of 780 are 8.19 x 4x 9.5  inches. 

Due to its compact size, the 708 is easier to operate in tight spaces. It is also easy to fit in your toolbox due to its smaller size. 


The DeWalt 708 is 0.4 pounds lighter than the 780. A lightweight drill is very important as it will save you from hand fatigue after a long time of work. Also, a lightweight drill is easier to carry around. 

Chuck Design

DeWalt 708’s chuck design is keyless while the 780’s chuck design is keyed. With a keyless chuck bit, you can change drill bits quickly and easily by hand, without requiring any additional tools. 

In contrast, the DeWalt 780 requires the use of a chuck key to tighten and loosen the chuck when changing drill bits. 

deWalt 708 vs 780Source: DeWalt

The benefit of a keyed chuck is, it offers a more secure grip on the drill bit. However, these drills are time-consuming to use and require you to keep track of an additional tool.

However, like every other drill chuck, both keyed and keyless chuck of DeWalt can face problems occasionally. For example, even though a reliable brand, Milwaukee drill chucks face problems now and then as well. 


As a brushed motor, you may have to repair the deWalt 780 more frequently, but the repairing is easier than the DeWalt 708. But when a brushless motor gets damaged, it causes electrical damage and requires a more complicated repair procedure and higher cost. 


The DeWalt 780 is less expensive than the 708. A DeWalt DCD708C2 drill costs around $155- $160. On the other hand, a DeWalt DCD780B drill will cost you around $120 to $125. 

Dewalt 708 Vs 780: Which One Should You Choose?

If you need a more powerful drill with a higher power, torque, and RPM, the DeWalt 708 is the best option for you. You will also like it better if you need to work in congested areas. 

On the other hand, if you are looking for a budget-friendly drill option that is also easier to repair, you can choose DeWalt 780.


What Do The 1 And 2 Mean On A Dewalt Drill?

The 1 and 2 on a Dewalt drill refer to the two different speed settings that the drill can operate at. The number 1 setting is used for lower speed and higher torque applications, such as a screwdriver. On the other hand, the number 2 setting is used for higher speed and lower torque applications.

Is XR Better Than Brushless?

XR DeWalt tools are also brushless however, they are more efficient than regular brushless motors. Also, the battery life of XR models is 33% more long-lasting than regular brushless devices. 

What Are The Highest-Grade Dewalt Tools?

DeWalt’s highest-grade tools are those powered by the 20V max power stack. This DeWalt series offers a superior ergonomic design and a lithium-ion battery for power. Which is newly introduced by DeWalt. The DeWalt 708 and 780 both use this power stack. 


I hope this comparison of the DeWalt 708 vs 780 drills has been informative and helpful in your search for the perfect cordless drill. 

No matter which drills you choose, you can be assured of the quality as DeWalt is an excellent brand. And it provides 3 years of warranty on both these products. 

That’s all. Have a great day!

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