Husky Vs Gladiator Shelving: A Detailed Comparison

husky vs gladiator shelving


When it comes to organizing your space, having the right shelving unit can make all the difference. 

Do you want to know about husky vs gladiator shelving?

Gladiator shelving is made in the USA, can be mounted on both the floor and the wall, and has a higher weight capacity, making it a more versatile option. Husky shelving, on the other hand, offers more storage space and is made of industrial-grade steel, making it more durable.

In this article, we will provide a detailed comparison between Husky and Gladiator shelving units to help you make an informed decision on which brand is the best fit for your storage needs.

Husky Vs Gladiator Shelving: Differences At a Glance 

When comparing these two brands, there are several factors to consider, such as the mounting type, size, weight capacity, and material. The table shows all the factors at a glance. 

Factors  Husky Shelving Gladiator Shelving
Made in  China and Taiwan USA
Mounting type Floor mounting Floor and wall mounting
Size broader height and 4 shelves smaller height and 4 shelves, 

smaller dimension 1 shelf

Material industrial grade steel welded steel frame
Weight Capacity  150 lbs (each shelf) 2000 lbs (each shelf) 
Price $100-$120 $60-$70

The table compares the key features of Husky and Gladiator shelving units, including their country of origin, mounting type, size, material, weight capacity, and price.

Husky Vs Gladiator Shelving; Detailed Comparison

Now, we will provide a detailed comparison between Husky and Gladiator shelving units to help you choose the best fit for your storage needs.

Made In 

Husky shelving is manufactured in China and Taiwan, while Gladiator shelving is made in the USA. This may be a significant factor for those who prefer to buy American-made products.

Mounting Type

Husky shelving is designed for floor mounting only, while Gladiator shelving can be mounted on both the floor and the wall. This makes Gladiator shelving more versatile and adaptable to different storage needs.

You can have both floor-mounted and wall-mounted shelves with the gladiator shelves.

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Husky shelving units typically have a broader height and four shelves, while Gladiator shelving units come in smaller heights with four shelves or a smaller dimension with only one shelf. 

This means that Husky shelving units offer more storage space overall, while Gladiator shelving units are more compact and can fit into smaller spaces.


Both Husky and Gladiator shelving units are made of sturdy materials. However, Husky shelving is made of industrial-grade steel, while Gladiator shelving features a welded steel frame. 

This means that Husky shelving units may be more durable and able to withstand heavier loads.

So, the gladiator will naturally cost a little more to produce. Both of these shelves continue to be of high caliber. So, it is appropriate for the gladiator to be a little more expensive from a production perspective.

husky vs gladiator shelvingSource: 4-tiers Husky shelves

Weight Capacity 

Husky shelving units have a weight capacity of 150 lbs per shelf, while Gladiator shelving units have a weight capacity of 2000 lbs per shelf. This means that Gladiator shelving units are better suited for heavy-duty storage needs.

If we talk about Husky shelves which are constructed of sturdy steel and are capable of supporting 150 lbs. On the other hand, four metal Gladiator shelves on the welded steel frame can individually handle up to 2,000 lbs. 

The twin slot profile enables the addition of more supports and shelves. Here is a video guide on  How to Assemble Gladiator shelving. 


Whenever making a purchase, the budget is a key consideration. Husky shelving units generally cost between $100-$120, while Gladiator shelving units are priced between $60-$70. 

This makes Gladiator shelving a more affordable option for those who need heavy-duty shelving units. If you are curious about tools price here is why hazet tools are so expensive. 

husky vs gladiator shelvingSource: Gladiator shelves

On the other hand, you might not mind having less storage capacity. If so, you can buy the single-shelf gladiator. You’ll only have to pay $60–$70 for it. 

Therefore if you have a limitation in budget then go for the husky shelf and you can also take a single shelf. And if you are able to pay more then go for the gladiator.

Husky Vs Gladiator Shelving; Which One To Choose

If you need a shelf that is easy to install and can be placed on the floor, then the Husky shelving unit may be the best choice for you. 

On the other hand, if you need a more versatile shelf that can be mounted on both the floor and the wall and has a higher weight capacity, then the Gladiator shelving unit may be the better choice.

Tips to Organize Husky and Gladiator Shelves

Buying shelves could be used indoors like a garage, shed, basement, or storage unit and you have to keep them clean. The best approach to make use of your increased space is to keep the place orderly. 

Take the time to clear out the items you’ve accumulated over the years because garages, sheds, and storage facilities frequently become places where you store things you don’t need anymore. 

Moreover, to set up shelves and other things indoors keep hazet tools with you to make it easier. For more details, here are Tips to Help You Organize Your Shed or Garage.


Can Husky & Gladiator Shelves Be Used Outdoors?

No, they are not made for the outdoors. While they are made of durable materials, such as industrial-grade steel and welded steel frames, they are not specifically designed to withstand exposure to the elements, such as rain, snow, and direct sunlight.

Can Husky and Gladiator Shelvings Be Returned?

The return policy for Husky and Gladiator shelves may vary depending on where they were purchased. Some retailers, such as Amazon and Home Depot, offer return policies for these products, while others, like, may not accept returns. 

What Gauges Are Husky & Gladiator Garage Cabinets?

The gauge of Husky and Gladiator garage cabinets may vary depending on the specific product. While a Reddit post mentions that Husky garage cabinets are 24 gauge, the gauge of Gladiator garage cabinets is not clear from the available information. 


I hope all of your questions based on husky vs. gladiator shelving have been answered Good luck and hope you will get the best shelves based on your needs.

To conclude, the decision between Husky and Gladiator shelving ultimately depends on your own requirements and preferences.

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