Norseman Vs VIking Drill Bits; Which One Is Better?

norseman vs viking drill bits


There are many brands of drill bits in the market, out of which Norseman and Viking are common names. 

So, that brings us to the question, Norseman vs Viking Drill bits, which is better?

Overall, Norseman is the better drill bit in comparison to Viking. It has a better material composition, quality and variety in length. It also has a good value for price, for its excellent performance. On the other hand, Viking has more life expectancy and variation to offer for sets. 

But that is not all, read more to find out how these drill bits differ from each other. 

Norseman Vs Viking Drill Bits;Short Comparison

Although Norseman and Viking drill bits have the same manufacturer, there are some differences in their properties. Have a look at a short comparison between the two. 

Factors  Norseman Viking
Material High speed steel (HSS) Carbon steel/HSS Steel
Quality Very Good  Good 
Purpose of use Multipurpose Handrilling( mainly) 
Length Machine length, Mechanic’s length, Jobber length Jobber length
Set of tools 12-29 pieces 4-29 pieces
Life expectancy 2 years 5 years
Price $50-$200 $30-$200

That sums up the basic differences between Norseman and Viking drill bits. 

Detailed Comparison

The differences between the two drill bits are discussed in detail below. 


Norseman drill bits are made of High Speed Steel(HSS)  whereas Viking drill bits are made of carbon steel and HSS. High speed steel has the ability to withstand high temperatures whereas carbon steel does not.

HSS usually lasts for a long period. In comparison, working on hardwoods rather than softwoods can cut down the lifespan of carbon steel drill bits.

HSS drill bits can drill iron, plastic, copper, steel brass, and aluminum alloy. Thus, in this aspect, Norseman is the better drill bit than Viking. 


The quality of drill bits is in fact, dependent on a number of factors. The durability, strength, accuracy and workability with various metals are very important factors. So is 

The brand reputation. 

Considering all the aforementioned factors, Norseman and viking are both considered very high quality drill bits. Both brands have various drill sets that are extremely strong, long lasting, precise, etc. 

However, Norseman has a better brand reputation, being known to all. Thus it could be said that in terms of quality, Norseman drill sets are better.  

Source: The Bolt Supply House Ltd

Length And Purpose Of Use

There are different types of drill bit lengths, and each is used for different purposes. For instance, for hand drilling or general purpose tasks, small length drill bits are preferred. This is because for hand drills, longer length drill bits are more likely to break. 

While Viking offers mostly jobber length drill bits, Norseman offers all three lengths. Take a look at the range of length offered by Norseman drill bits below. 

Name of Norseman drill bit Length  Overall length
Magnum Super Premium, 135 Degree Split Point, Screw Machine Length Drill Bit (12/Pkg.) Norseman Drill Machine length  2-11/16 inches
Norseman Type 175-VT Mechanic Length Vortex Point Drill Bits USA Made Mechanic length  17/64 inches
Norseman Super Premium Magnum 29 Piece Drill Bit Set Jobber length  8 inches


So, for hand drilling or general tasks, jobber length drill bits are commonly used. Alternatively, you can also use the mechanic’s length drill for hand drilling as well which are shorter. 

Mechanic’s length drill bits are more commonly used for automotive and applications for their shorter length. 

On the other hand, machine length drill bits are comparatively longer and used where deeper holes are needed. When using a drill press, lathe or mill, it is advisable to use machine length drill bits. For instance, they are commonly used in machine shop work. 

Sets of Tools 

Norseman drill bits come in cases of different types. This is very useful because each set of Norseman drill bits contains from 12 to 29 pieces. A case helps in carrying and storing the drill bits safely. 

These cases can be either made of metal or plastic depending on the drill bit set. Plastic cases are lightweight and easy to carry mobile tools. 

Source: The Bolt Supply House Ltd

Viking drill sets on the other hand, also come in a variety of sizes. From 4 piece sets to 29 piece sets, there are different cases for each set too. Some of these cases are plastic while some are made of metal.

Thus, it can be said both drill set brands offer a wide selection of cases. However, since Viking drill bits offer a wider range of sets, they are better in this case. Here are all the Milwaukee drill chuck problems. 

Life Expectancy

The life expectancy of drill bits may vary depending on frequency of use, drilling conditions, etc. Norseman and Viking drill bits are both durable, Norseman lasting for up to two years. 

Viking drill bits on the other hand, have a reputation of lasting five years. So, it is clear that Viking drill bits have greater life expectancy than Norseman.


The average price of Viking drill bits are in the range of $30 to $200. On the other hand, Norseman drill bits cost around $50 to $200. Thus, Viking drill bits are more affordable.   

The price of drill bits can be very expensive or mediocre, depending on the brand. For instance, Hazet tools are very expensive. However, it should be checked before buying whether the drill bits give good value for money. 

Final Verdict

After a detailed analysis of the debate viking vs norseman, the result is, Norseman is the better option. These drill bits are better in terms of material, quality, length and purpose of use. It also has a better cost to performance value. 

However, Viking drill bits are better in terms of life expectancy and variety of sets. 


Where Are Norseman And Viking Tools Made? 

Norseman drill bits are made in the U.S.A, in St. Paul Minnesota.  Viking drill bits are marketed to have been all made in the U.S.A. However, some sets have been found to be imported from China as well. 

Where Are Most Makita Tools Made?

Makita tools are made in a variety of countries, including Japan, the United States, Brazil, China, and the United Kingdom. The specific country of origin for a Makita tool can vary depending on the model and the availability of parts.

What Are The Strongest Drill Bits to Buy?

Drill bits containing carbide are considered to be the strongest drill bits. They are strong enough to cut through concrete, hardened steel, etc. Thus, they are used in production drilling purposes.  


This wraps up the comparison between Norseman vs Viking drill bits. We hope now you know which is the more suitable drill bit for you. However, make sure to maintain your drill bits well to make them last a long time.

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